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I will right a book about the austria geologist and naturalist Virgil Helmreichen zu Brunfeld.

The geologist was jn Brazil gor 20 years in the middle of XIX century and crossed the center south of Brazil, discribing population, places, and collecting objects and rocks to the Hofmuseum Wien.

The book will be dustributed in 2022 duri g the celebration in Vienna of Bicentenial of Independence of Brazil.

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Brasil 200 anos

Dear all

The celebrations of Bicentenial Independence of Brazil is going to take place in many institutions in Austria from january 2022.

To be part of this moment, I am personally writing a book on a brazilian mineralogical collection named Helmreichen zu Brunfeld.

Helmreichem was the head of exploration of Congo Soco Mine for 10 years in the half of XIX century.

His work as naturalist – more a planned trip to study the rocks, but also native culture, started after he stop working to the american company in Mato Grosso.

His journey contributed to the organization of ethnografic, mineralogical and documental holdings in 3 institutions in Austria: Weltmuseum, Academy of Sciences and Naturhistorisches Museum.

The book will organize those collections, creating links between them and, most of all, contribute to the knowledge on austrian collections regarding Brazil.

The book in portuguese language will be launched in 2021. In the second semester I will publish the dates, places and also the speechs on it in Vienna.

Remembering that the financial support and interest in this book can be very important to provide a high level publication, with pictures and, maybe with german version as well.

If you know the perfect partner, please write an email to

Portugal Medieval and Modern

See bellow the portuguese documental references in OESTA archives, Vienna, Austria.

This copy belongs to Patricia Moura Galli and it may be cited in documents, articles, academic and tecnical works like

MOURA GALLI, Patricia. Portuguese Documental Heritage in Austria. Kreativmedi3n. 90p.!Aiormk00Hh9RgS8q7IWvabxa5YYo?e=2jzpbX

Happy New Year!

Even if the last year was extremely difficult in many approaches, the Guides of Sources of Brazilian History in Austria is now available at Kindle Store.

There is nothing better than produce, organyze, translate and publish inedit titles during toff times of lockdown.

This is the start of the project Südamerika Links.

In 2021, a new decade, many other books will be finjshed and properly mentioned in this site for students, professores, researches in general.

To get in touch to the unknow part of history can make all difference to interpretate, review, criticize and rewrite History.

Open mind, fellows. TgebHistory is sometimes much more than a time line. History is the net where we conatruct our dialigs with present and future.


How to Search in the Site

Dear students, researchers and America Latina Study Centers in Europe and Americas.

The future posts in this site will be easely found by using the specifics “#” that will be listed in the next post.

I would like you understand that this is an urge goal supported only by myself, as Museologist, Researcher and completely interested in #digital #restitution of the #brazilianhistory – and later South American insumes – in this space.

So, next step before posting the first contents is publishing a list of #keywords used to separate #tipology of #documents as well as the #subjects. #Family names will be also a facility to the guest find the most results possible in the site.

I would like to spot on the fact that the Keywords will always be connected to the #title of the posts.

So, when you search for the “names” or for the “type of document” (you can use also both together in the space for search, separing then by a comma). So, as an example, if you write down

Spix, botanic

all pictures, papers, manuscripts, maps, drawings or any other kind of results will be listed for your use.

Remember, you can download images but you need to give credits for the site ( as well as the Institution that donated the picture for this site.

If you wish to get an image of document or picture of some Archive or Museum, send an email to and we will provide the budget according to institutions rules, and sell and mail it according to international rules in these difficult times of Covid 19.

The same rule for Articles, papers, monographies and all kind of documents post in this space.

Please, be a partner but also respect those rules.

You are very welcome to the next post.

Enjoy History!

Results on a Research: Brazilian – Ethnographic/ History Holdings in Austria

In the last 20 years a serie of researches have tried to organize the historical documents of the History of Brazil during the colonial and emperial periods. This is a cruzade, an enterprise of many professors and academics around the world for decades.

The Institutes for Latin America Studies in european universities, the museuns and archives are the real connections to be successful in this enterprise.

Even if many efforts took place in the past, most of those tries of organizing all the knowledges possible in one place was until now a difficult target to reach.

To go over this intangible barrier of neglet, lack off access, lack of interest of official institutions were the first problem to be solved.

After getting the oportunity of working for the former Ministry of Culture of Brazil in Austria, I decided to create this space, free of charges, to post all the knowledge and resources get in the last 20 years of hard work and fair concious of the need of a substancial knowledge of our expatriated history to be possible rewrite it in proper bases the many ignired contents that make part of a civilization.

Institutionalyze and Promote a real interface of mecanisms of interaction between students, professors and researchers of those institutes and brazilian cultural equipaments is an urge and urgent aspect of this new partnership that I want to create, overcoming past failed tries and using technology to sublime the black dots of comunication.

The Südamerika Links is a place of restitutiom, repatriation, exchanges and reorganization of Brazilian and south american history.

This is not the first but the effective way to give publicity to documents, manuscripts, articles, books and reports of researches about Sulamerica (Südamerika, South America, América do Sul).

Not only my publications of more than 15 years on Brazilian Historical and Ethnographic researches will be avaiable to access. Also the contribution of the most renowned institutions and academics in Europe who allowed to make this for free and with the wish that new projects on multiple subjects in History field be available to the good of comprehension of our heritage.

Invitations to LAI ( Latin American Institute/VHS) – Vienna, Austria ; University of Vienna, University of Salzburg, University Graz, University Linz, Belvedere Archive, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Academy if Sciences and many other owners of these holdings will be invited to be part of this complex virtual product.

Starting in september of 2020, this site of Repatriation is now open doors to all people interested in Brazilian and South America historical insumes from the XIX to XXI centuries.

Enjoy the contents! You are very welcome!



In this space you will find out the brazilian history on the historical and museological approaches.

Master in Museology & Heritage, Academic Researcher, Writer and Cultural Entrepreneur, is author of the “Documental Expedition” , with ebooks avaiable in the next few months in many sites that will be informed in time or at any time gor download at

I live in Vienna, Austria, where I work in cooperation with many public institutions to get many goals in my area.

The following posts are the result of so many years devoted to Brazilian Heritage as a brazilianist in action to repatriate (digital repatriation concept) the holdings and the knowledge about the brazilian belongs.

This site needs and count with the fair cooperation of Museums, Archives and Lybraries in Austria for being active and useful for south ametican institutions and researches around the world.

South American Study Centers in Europe are welcome to this space, making questions, contributing with posts and being a partner.

Access the site and have a nice reading time.

This unique project needs a sponsor to be more complete and to give back the most quality and quantity of Documents regarding Brazilian History.

For becoming a sponsor, contact and lets make it urge!